about me

        who am I anyway, am I my resume ?

Jon-Michael Reese was born in Dallas, TX, but spent most of elementary school in suburban Seattle, WA and graduated high school in Wilmington, DE, so the question ‘where are you from’ is never an easy one to answer. But he credits all three homes for his varied interests, finding piano in Texas, theatre in Seattle, and singing in Delaware. He studied at Carnegie Mellon’s School of Drama, a program that emphasizes versatility, where he found his love for storytelling in its endless variety. Fortunately, he’s been able to continue this variety into his career, playing young lover Matt in the Fantasticks, a villainous diva-fied Thomas Edison in Nikola Tesla Drops the Beat, a gender fluid Cordelia in King Lear, a black playwright dealing with apathy in the Black Lives Matter era in This Bitter Earth, to artist / activist James Baldwin in Jimmy and Lorraine, to name a few.

He is grateful for the many teachers/colleagues he’s met and for the struggles and successes he’s had that have allowed him the space to grow into himself as an artist, but also as a more empathetic human.  

Jon-Michael is based in Brooklyn, where he has since picked up the acoustic guitar. He lives with his boyfriend, a visual artist; and Dennis, their cat.




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